The Wolf Island Band is the band I have been with for the passed 16 years, we are from Savannah Tennessee. We took our name from Wolf Island, a small island in the Tennessee River near Savannah. Our first gig as a band was in 1996 at the Pickwick Yacht Club located on the Pickwick Lake, on the Tennessee River.The Yacht Club was looking for a band that knew some Buffett songs. Someone had seen me play solo and asked if I had a band, I said sure! and then put one together.

In the beginning I was like everyone else in my area, playing of a mix of Country, Rock, and R&B. I had been a life long Buffett fan and had learned to play guitar with a Jimmy Buffett song book. Being in the Pickwick Lake area, I started playing a Buffett song here and there and more than just Margaritaville and Come Monday. When the band came togather I realized we had stumbled on something that set us a part from everyone else. Soon we were working every weekend year around. We still play all the other music but mix in Buffett tunes and a little Marley.