Suffering From Winteritis?

Steve Hopper Oct. 4th 2013

Ok I'm two weeks into fall and I'm surviving, but so far it's still warm outside. Next week will be the test! I have planned a few trips to get me thru the winter, starting later this month with a trip to the Florida Keys.
I will be performing At the Pit Stop Party in Key Largo Oct. 29 and koz's aGreen World Gallery on Duval street Key West at 10:30Am Thursday Oct 31.
Then in January when I will need it the most, it's back to south Florida for a few performances, Saturday Jan. 11 at the world famous
Nav-A-Gator Bar & Grill in Port Charlotte, south/west Florida, Sunday Jan.12 at Ed and Windy's Limin' Place in Stuart, south/East Florida, Tue Jan. 14 a ParrotHead Flocking Port Charlotte.
Just to get the winter behind me, in April I'll be going to Panama City Beach Florida. I'll be performing at the Parrot Head Rendezvous. Literally on the beach with the Gulf Of Mexico as a backdrop, Friday April 25 4:30 PM
If you need help getting thru the winter too you can come along!
To all my Florida friends, I can't wait to see you.


The Pit Stop Party in Key Largo

The Pit Stop Party is not an official part of The Meeting Of The Minds (MOTM), but for me no trip to MOTM would be complete without stopping by. For the last two years on my way to Key West for the MOTM, I have stopped off in Key Largo for the Pit Stop Party. It is always a fun time, and a great party hosted by "Parrott Heads Of The Upper Keys". They do a great job of making everyone fell at home while offering them a meal, boat rides and the best of Trop Rock. The Trop Rock is hosted by Capt. Josh and welcomes all the Trop Rockers passing through to stop by and perform. As well as performing myself, I also set in with Capt. Josh.



The Wolf Island Band is the band I have been with for the passed 16 years, we are from Savannah Tennessee. We took our name from Wolf Island, a small island in the Tennessee River near Savannah. Our first gig as a band was in 1996 at the Pickwick Yacht Club located on the Pickwick Lake, on the Tennessee River.The Yacht Club was looking for a band that knew some Buffett songs. Someone had seen me play solo and asked if I had a band, I said sure! and then put one together.

In the beginning I was like everyone else in my area, playing of a mix of Country, Rock, and R&B. I had been a life long Buffett fan and had learned to play guitar with a Jimmy Buffett song book. Being in the Pickwick Lake area, I started playing a Buffett song here and there and more than just Margaritaville and Come Monday. When the band came togather I realized we had stumbled on something that set us a part from everyone else. Soon we were working every weekend year around. We still play all the other music but mix in Buffett tunes and a little Marley.