Steve Hopper

Steve Hopper, Trop Rock Artist from Savannah Tennessee has been bringing music and fun to the Mid-South for more than 20 years. With a style compared to artists like Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, and The Zac Brown Band, he plays a Tropical blend of Country, Rock and R&B and accompanies his smooth vocals with an acoustic guitar and a steel drum.


Early on Steve tried his hand with local country rock bands but just lost interest. Then he focused on songwriting. Performing was a means to get his songs heard at songwriter showcases. Soon he was being asked to do house gigs, playing covers and mixing in originals. Someone who worked at the marina where Steve was working asked if he knew any Buffett songs. They then said that the yacht club was looking for someone to play a Jimmy Buffett themed party. Steve had taught himself to play guitar with a Jimmy Buffett song book and was a life long parrot head. Unknowingly he had found his niche, in the world that is now being called Trop Rock, soon he was working every weekend, then several nights a week and before he knew it he had a full time job. Twenty years later he is still going strong playing regularly around the mid-south and special events from Memphis to the gulf coast. In addition to playing an acoustic guitar he began playing a steel drum, further expanding his niche.